Introducing - Chronic Freedom. Your best chronic support for navigating the journey of self-healing any chronic illness.
This audio series is a step-by-step, go-at-your-own-pace, do-it-yourself program designed to teach you everything I wish I knew about how to actually heal Chronic illness.
Note: I am not a doctor. This is not licensed medical advice.
However, I have been a self-healing teacher for the last four years and healed myself of a life-threatening state of chronic Lyme disease. After spending my first year trying to get answers in the Western Medical World, I knew I had to find a new way. This program is the new way.
Trust me, if I can do this...I believe anyone can.
 Chronic Freedom is designed to walk you through the education around how to liberate yourself from your own suffering condition. Whether you have Lyme, chronic fatigue, brain fog, obesity, fibromyalgia, unknown hives, or any other type of "random", unexplainable condition - this audio series contains everything I wish I knew that got me where I am today: FREE.

Inside Chronic Freedom:


This program is a study covering all the basics. You can see the breakdown of audio trainings listed below. Once you enroll you get instant access to all the content and lifetime access to any and all updates.
Each episode will code your subconscious to rewrite and rewire your relationship with chronic illness so that by the end of this program, you are empowered and liberated, with a clear game plan.
This program is delivered with a private podcast feed audio-only. I know firsthand how hard it can be to multitask when you're sick...brain fog is a real thing. That's why we're keeping it simple with an audio-only version. You'll be guided through the steps to get exclusive access to this series once you purchase.
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Chronic Freedom comes with 21 powerful audio trainings:


  1. Introduction to Chronic Freedom
  2. What Brought You Here
  3. What Is & What Causes Chronic Illness
  4. Where Does Suffering Come From
  5. The Three Planes of Chronic Illness
  6. Mattress Island Support
  7. Diet and Nutrition with Chronic Illness
  8. Lyme Pt. 1 - The Truth
  9. Lyme Pt. 2 - Chronic Symptoms Are Really a Gift
  10. Your Liver - The Source of It All
  11. Running a Business with Chronic Illness 
  12. Detox Protocols that Saved My LIfe
  13. Gentleness, Boundaries, and a lesson in Sovreignty
  14. Triggers, Patterns and Healing
  15. Healing Binge Eating, Drinking and Addiction
  16. Depression, Anxiety and Healing Mental Health
  17. Your Period and PMS
  18. GI Gut and Digestive Issues
  19. What Chronic Pain Really Means
  20. Trauma Searching and Sourcing
  21. Final Thoughts

"...I was ready to finally free myself from the symptoms and stories I had been living with all my life. I knew Lauren was the soul to move through this prayer with and I was not wrong. Lauren’s medicine is that of which this entire world needs. It is gentle. It is nurturing. Yet, it is wise and moving. It works. She not only holds channeled space for you to study and expand within yourself, but she extends the frequency of her own healing into your world..."


- Jenna Rossi


And I've healed my entire life through the practice and study of Ceremonial Work.

When I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme disease in 2019, I was a mess searching for answers and healing. I tried everything. My depression was at an all-time high, my anxiety was through the roof, my body was hurting and I felt truly disconnected from my source energy. 

Then I found Plant Medicine, and I went on a deep healing journey spending seven months in Sedona studying the inner workings of Plant Medicine and its healing powers. 

As I went on this journey, I noticed that CEREMONY was the most powerful component of this work that provided me huge results on my healing journey. Creating safe containers of healing even without the use of plant medicine, completely transformed my life.

I knew I wanted to bring that medicine home with me, so when I returned from my study, I started to embark on the study of ceremony work at home. Since then, my mind, body and spirit have healed in an even deeper way than I ever thought possible. 

And now I am so excited to bring that study to all of you!

It's time to free yourself from chronic illness.






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