EP 221: Mastering Big Leaps in Your Life

lauren of love podcast Apr 20, 2021


When you think of taking a big leap in your life, do you feel a lot of fear?


There are three steps of taking a big leap:


1. Jump off 

2. Whatever happens during the leap

3. Landing


A lot of fear comes up when considering a big leap due to the unknown of if we will land safely.


My first big leap was in 2012 when I got divorced. I was miserable in my relationship and my corporate job and I realized that I had been living for the love, approval, and expectations of my parents. I feared that if I left my ex-husband, I would feel embarrassed and be seen as a disappointment. When I decided to choose my worthiness over someone else's everything changed for me. I had been spending so much time fearing the reactions I would get to my decisions that I had lived my life completely opposite to what I knew would really feel right to me. When I began to live in the reality of who I was becoming instead of who I was then, I realized that taking those big leaps really was not as scary as they had to be. I was still loved and accepted after my divorce and when I left my corporate job to start my blog. I found my soulmate and have been on a beautiful journey of healing and self-discovery ever since. 


When you are shifting, big leaps are HEALTHY and they are NECESSARY. We spend too much time fearing the consequences of these big leaps instead of taking them and feeling good. If we believe that everything in life is happening for the highest good, we begin to understand that challenges are presented to us to overcome and celebrate when they become victories. They shape us into who we are meant to be and provide opportunities for healing, letting go, and reclaiming space for what we want.


The universe never stops presenting us with big leaps and will force change if its signs are ignored. I want you to think about what specifically you're ready to take a big leap on. What do you want for yourself? 


I also want you to ask yourself, "How would this big leap serve me and everyone else?" instead of letting the fear of negative consequences overpower your desire for change. The more that you make decisions that serve who you want to become, the more your world will expand.


Now tell me, what big leap decision are you going to make today?





“Don’t let the fear of the unknown have priority over your desire to be happy.”





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