EP 222: My Spiritual Perspectives on Covid, BLM, Vaccinations & Cancel Culture

lauren of love podcast May 06, 2021


 Today, I'm talking through some current sensitive topics and how the fear around speaking about them can reflect on your own healing journey to your higher power. 


  For so long, I fed into fear with the stories of what I should and should not say and not allowing myself to speak my truth. I've learned that when I don't fully embody my truth in any aspect of my life, I have no space to grow. If we tell ourselves it's not safe to show who we are, it reflects negatively on different aspects of our lives (ex. making money in your business). We are here to create change, not to shrink ourselves down and fear judgement of our expression.


  There's a way to talk about sensitive topics that prevent anger or triggers for other people. When we create toxic energy around us as a result of trying to help, it is an opportunity to look inward and understand how we are showing up to other people and the way we are being perceived.


  Now, my thoughts on these topics:

  When COVID first started, I was struggling with Lyme disease and came to the realization that my internal experiences were reflecting to the physical, external world around me. We have to show up in our work and heal ourselves of these toxic internal experiences to influence the external world. When we have these major backlashes and wars over what is true or false, we ignore what is most important: solution-based conversation. 

  All perspectives on COVID are fear-based. If we look at the perspective of refusing a mask because we do not want to be told what to do, we can understand that this perspective is a reflection of past negative experiences where we were told to do something with our bodies that we did not want to. Though we may not want to, we can understand that for those who feel safer with masks, we are doing a service of making them comfortable and avoiding causing them a triggering experience. 

  When it comes to the vaccine, the two opposing arguments for and against the vaccine take away from the issues that COVID is causing that a vaccine can not fix, which again overlooks this bigger picture problem. For me, getting vaccinated does not align with my current perspective on what I believe would be best for my body. This could absolutely change in the future depending on how the vaccine will impact things like travel, but for now, I do not believe the vaccine would benefit my healing and my body. 


  I'd also like to speak on the Black Lives Matter Movement. While having a beautiful conversation with my mom, I realized that a lot of people in this world do not feel safe and this got me thinking about spiritual bypassing and how hurtful it can be in certain situations. When we try to bypass something as painful and harmful as racism, we are ignoring the lifetimes of suffering that people have gone through without any attempts for these patterns of suffering to end. There is so much hurt, mistreatment, and abuse that has been happening for so long and it is CRUCIAL that we sympathize, empathize, and understand that effort to change and grow is necessary to fix this issue. 


  And finally, cancel culture. Social media is a powerful tool that can teach us to take judgement as a sign to ask ourselves, "How is what I am doing impacting other people?". Recently in our community, an incident happened where a prominent member spoke insensitively about what she referred to as her "cleaning lady". In response to peoples feedback on why this was wrong and privileged, she responded with aggression and disrespect. This experience really highlighted this issue on social media of how dangerous it can be for media to only stream a rich lifestyle to those who are privileged, causing them to have a complete lack of acknowledgment for those who are not privileged and are struggling. 


  These topics can be really heavy and complex. As I have spent time sitting with these topics, I have realized that when we aren't focusing ourselves on the toxic energies that exist in the world around us and within us, we raise our vibration and have other ways to direct our energy to do better for ourselves and the world. 


I am so thankful to everyone who is here with me on this journey and I hope that you can all receive this message with love and understanding. We are all growing and changing through these experiences, and we should welcome it. 


  So, how are you going to let these sensitive topics influence your decisions in life for the better?



 "We all want to show up in the online space to create change." - Lauren Eliz Love



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