EP 243: My 14 Day Waterfast to Heal Binge Eating

lauren of love podcast Nov 03, 2021

It is so important to cleanse and get rid of things that are holding us back before we step into a new year. 



Over the past month, I have been deep in a prayer of letting go of so much. Specifically, letting go of things that do not serve me in my relationship with my body. I have been in a deep prayer of cleansing my body and just finished a 14 day water fast. 


I wanted to share with you my reasons, experiences, and intentions for doing this cleanse to inspire you to do some sort of cleansing in your own life as well.


*DISCLAIMER: Water fasting can be dangerous. Do not embark on a 14 day water fast without first consulting a doctor.* 


You know in this journey of healing, I am focusing a lot of my prayer and teaching on healing relationships with success, business, and money. It was a big start of the last 5 years in my business. What I have come to recognize, is what I am creating for the world is often a mirror for what I am moving through in my own life. 


My focus now, is a big epiphany I had on what healing is all about. Healing the physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic. All of these things, when we really sink into this concept we recognize that healing the physical is not just about healing the physical life, it’s about the energetic representation of what is dysfunctioning within you. 


For me, my story around my body started when I was 7. I was talking with a friend, and she pointed out that my body wasn’t skinny enough for ballet. It was the first time I was implanted with the idea that my body stops me from what I am doing. This story played out in my life from that point forward for a long time. When we receive a subconscious download of what we believe our bodies to be, we start treating them that way.  


When I got Lyme disease, this was another manifestation of my body getting in the way. I couldn’t travel, I couldn’t walk. So now, for two years I have been using plant medicine to heal my relationship with my body. With plant medicine, the veil gets lifted and you really start to see your blocks, patterns, and struggles.


When I started to explore different ways to heal the physical body, I started to eat different and pay attention to the food I was eating, my sleep, the products I was using, everything. But that old story kept creeping back in and part of that shows up in the way we eat. If we aren’t conditioned to have a good relationship with ourselves, we will start to heal ourselves with food.


When I got home from Sedona, I realized I would eat really low vibrational foods. I got a download during prayer that made me realize that eating something with a lot of sugar in it meant I was trying to soothe a sadness within me. I realized I was back in this pattern and that I should have been replacing those foods with things like a warm tea or a nourishing soup. 


I was trying to escape something by eating until my body would shut off. I decided it was time for a deep, final prayer. I wanted to be a high performer and live life to the fullest. I wanted a clear mind, clear emotions, and energy to last the day. This is what lead me to the 14 day waterfast.


I got the idea from @thebalancedblonde on instagram. She also went on a journey for her health. I saw that she was doing the fasts, enema, following a no salt, no oil, no sugar diet. She was so disciplined and I was really inspired by that. 


The first time I did this fast, I had a doctor on call that worked in a facility that specialized in water fasting. He helped me through it and gave me all of the instructions I needed to stay safe. He said that this experience I was going to go on would probably get difficult around day 4. Every time I have done an extended fast, they are always different. Harder for some reasons, easier than the one before because you have an idea of what to expect. 


Well, he was right. My body was pure detoxing during my first detox. The first 3 or 4 days your body is going into ketosis. When you don’t eat anything, your body becomes aware that to have energy, it needs to feed on the fat that exists on your body. After day 3 or 4, I got this burst of energy but by day 6, I felt as if I was going through a heavy withdrawal. I was in so much pain. It can be really intense. 


This time around, I was in a prayer. I had a prayer that I was going to completely rewrite my relationship with food. I was no longer going to put poor choices into my body.  I understand balance but for me, it just wasn’t there. My body needs to be super clean for me to thrive. 


So, I got a candle and put it on my alter. I set my intention and lit the candle. I would light the candle every morning and blow it out every night. Any guesses on how long the candle lasted?


14 days. Not even kidding. 


Now, what happened on my journey?


It was amazing. The best experience, the best prayer. I just said, “I have to get through this. One day at a time.” When I would get stressed, I began to realize that foods were popping into my head. So I began to navigate this by removing the food and shutting it out of my space so I could observe my internal relationship with food. On these days, I would have to figure out how to move this energy without food and by just soothing myself. 


I started getting downloads from Spirit of other ways to nourish myself. I was being told to cleanse my space and having these conversations clearing energy with my husband. This was all happening at once. It was beautiful.


I realized when my energy isn’t the best, that not only does my mind get cluttered, but my kitchen gets gross too. I was standing in my kitchen during this fast, and it hit me that my kitchen represents the way I feel about my body. I started organizing, getting structure, and creating sacred spaces in my home. I made a little alter in my windowsill in the kitchen and decided that whenever I’m not feeling fully connected to myself, I would light the candle in my alter and set my intention. When the issue passed, I would blow out the candle. 


At the end of my fast, I felt weak and was thinking of ending it early. I had to learn how to sit with myself and find willpower. I built in that moment of being ready to call it quits, the ability to recognize that I didn’t believe in my willpower but I pushed through.


Now, I restocked my cabinets with new things that are healthy and nourishing. I did this to welcome the new me. My husband and I decided to eat in the kitchen again to honor the food we eat and be present with it. I set up a tablecloth and made an alter with three candles to honor the past, present, and future that I will light every time we eat. I have also started sending reiki energy into the food by holding my hands above it. 


I welcomed myself home in my first meal, and I’m paying attention to my body and what it is telling me. All of this has been a prayer to master my relationship with Spirit by mastering my relationship with my body. 




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