EP 224: My Relationship With Plant Medicine

lauren of love podcast May 25, 2021


  I believe plant medicine has transformed my entire reality. My relationships with my husband,  my peers, and how I show up in my life has all changed significantly since I first started using the sacred plants of Mother Earth.


  In our lives, the external resistance that we face boils down to:


"I want something in my life, I don't have it yet, and I know that there is an internal reason for why that has not manifested into my life."


 We have to understand that what we are going through internally, is what creates our external experiences. So, are you truly in the belief that you are safe to have everything you want? If not, that belief needs to be rewired. In all of my personal experiences, plant medicine has opened up that door and given me the tools to show me how to rewire my mind in a way that is long lasting.


  Plant medicine in general is the concept of using Mother Earth to heal your life. It can show in many forms such as lavender, CBD, marijuana, and ayahuasca. Through plant medicine, we start to understand that medicine goes beyond just relieving physical ailments and is truly an all encompassing full body experience that works with the mind, the body, and the spirit.


  Our healing journeys usually start with experiencing low vibrations and patterns of emotional behavior that no longer serve us. For me, I struggled with a lot mental and physical illnesses and traumas. I was on so many medications that were not serving me, and this caused my breakthroughs. I still had to work on my traumas and shadows in order to rewrite my subconscious and change what was operating in my mind.


What was it really playing?


  I dove into plant medicine to answer this question and change its answer. It was scary at first since these medicines are usually referred to as "drugs" and are demonized to evoke feelings of fear and a sense of control. I realize now and over my time using these medicines that they are here to work for Mother Earth and help us to wake up. When we heal our lives and don't focus most on stress and resistance, we are more conscious, awake, and joyous. The more you wake up and the more whole you become, the more you look at the world differently and start to care more about creating change.


  I started my journey with mushrooms. In a ceremony with my husband, I experienced a beautiful heart opening experience. This made me eager to experience it again with a group of my soul sisters and the power that the ceremony held changed so much for me. While getting to know the medicine and feeling comfortable with it, I started to feel a pull to ayahuasca. In a split decision, my entire life changed and I sat with ayahuasca in Costa Rica. I was so fearful of the change that this medicine could bring. I didn't know how it would affect my relationships or my work, but I knew that whatever happened, it was for the greatest good. I was in the process of becoming who I was always meant to be.


  Plant medicine is about returning home and finding the light, strength, resilience, and power that you can be in every day.  If you are curious about plant medicine, it is important to explore and learn about these medicines and what ceremony and the spirits of these medicines are like. 


  If you are afraid of the uncomfortable and avoiding but are already suffering, how much long-term suffering are you going to carry before you decide to go deep into your work and solve the problem once and for all?






 “Healing is an all encompassing full body experience." - Lauren Eliz Love

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