EP 231: Energetic sovereignty, boundaries, and triggers from others

lauren of love podcast Jul 20, 2021

  Today, I want to have a conversation about energetic sovereignty; what it means, how to set more deeply into it, and why it is so important. 

  Many of us are trying to become the best version of ourselves, to create the life and person our souls desire, and with that, it is very important to learn to master energy and its movement in and through us. 

  As many of us are aware, our internal energy creates our external reality. Our energy affects how we will show up in certain situations, for example if there is an event you don't want to go to, or a task you don't want to start, your energy will shift in response. When moving through the journey of achievement you will experience energy shifts, and so it is very important to master your energy so that it is unwavering and unshakable, regardless of what you’re experiencing in your 3d world. If we are carrying low vibrational frequencies like not feeling worthy or capable, you are attracting the experiences in your 3d world that mirrors that energy. 

  As we go through the journey of life, we experience things that will be cause for an internal emotional shift. Many of us are carrying trauma wounds causing us to be reactive, and we may fall into this pattern of victim mindset consciousness where everything around us is affecting how we feel. But we can always set an intention to be more protected in our energy and less wavering in our energetic certainty. 


So, what Is Energetic Sovereignty? 

  It has 2 components:

  1) Being unwavering in what is happening around you, AND 2) the ability to be very clear in your energy, who you are and what you’re about so that you do not waiver when things around you are unraveling. Challenging situations will not shake our identified self-worth, our belief systems in what we are trying to achieve, nor in what we believe we are worthy of achieving. We will be certain that we are beautiful, pure, whole, and worthy beings and will not be emotionally reactive to the things around us. For me, I believe that the universe sends us these experiences where we are rattled in our energetic sovereignty so we can sink more deeply into it. If we are being triggered by anything we’re experiencing, that is where our study is. It is an opportunity to look at how sensitive we are being and how we are allowing other’s energy and the things around us to dictate how you feel. Often times these things are coming to us because we are in a prayer of becoming our higher selves. Spirit is telling us if you want to become your higher self, you need to learn to be unshakable sister!

  I challenge you to sit with this thought: Where am I giving my power away?

  Am I allowing others' opinions to become my opinion of myself, causing me to question my integrity? Where am I not being sovereign? 

  We can set new boundaries. We must identify where we are allowing in low vibrational energy, and from who. We can recognize that this is an opportunity to reclaim our power more deeply and learn more about the parts of ourselves that need more attention or study. Ask what ways have I been over-seeking validation or recognition or permission from other people, and why? When you are over-seeking those things, you’re creating a reality where the reactions you receive from the people and experiences around you are more important than your own energy. You create a life of reaction mode. Where in my life can I learn to start giving those things to myself?


  In a HEAL session with my students, we were able to acknowledge we are carrying a lot of energy that is not ours to hold or deal with. I can take from it what I need for myself, then let it go and move on. Peace can feel uncomfortable, especially if it is something we’re not used to. If you are receiving peace, calm and happiness and you don't feel safe you will constantly attract reactive experiences. You are putting the 3D reality above yourself. We need to recognize that pattern and work to become comfortable with what it feels like to feel safe, peaceful and happy on our own terms. 

  When we spend time connected to breath work, prayer and heart, this can bring us back into our energetic sovereignty. When you are so connected with yourself and you're so aware/present with yourself; whatever's happening around you feels like a kindergarten level problem to solve, rather than feeling like a kindergarten student dealing with PhD level problems. 

  It is okay to feel fear and doubt, but do not use that as a deterrent, rather say to yourself “I know that this is something that's coming up for me a lot and I may not be the best master of my own energy, but let me make space and time for creating a better relationship with myself. When you’re emotional, avoid distractions like mindless scrolling social media, or binging Netflix; sit with those emotions and feel them. Ask yourself, how can I be really clear about what is unwelcome here, what will I not tolerate? You are in a relationship with yourself and you must not allow others to question or control the integrity of your relationship with yourself. 

  We need to be clear in our boundaries with others in how they speak to/about us or respond to us and be firm and clear in how we communicate. 

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