What does it take to make six figures in your business?

I have strong opinions about what it takes to build a six-figure business. Here are THREE to wake you up!

1. I believe the most important work you can ever do to run you to the big digits is the work on yourself. If you have fears, insecurities, feelings of not being good enough or blocks around...


What does success really mean to you ?

mindset mastery Apr 26, 2019

At least once a week I take out my permanent markers, lay on the floor and do some prompt exercises to shift my perception and improve my mindset. “What is the next level version of me doing every day?”
“What is my soul calling me to step into?” Prompts like that are...


Building a business that relies on your creativity.

 I shared on my instagram today about the destructive pattern of consuming content on social media and how it can completely stop us from being creative and inspired in our own business.

Are you spending hours scrolling on social media reading other people’s content? Why?



Two Rules of Doing Business You don't want to ignore.

Two Rules I run my business by: The rule of resistance and the rule of ego.


Rule of Resistance: If it feels heavy, it probably isn’t right for you. Whether it is setting standards for how often you show on social, the niche you pick, or the programs you decide to create or the...


How to Stop Comparing Yourself on Social Media

mindset mastery Apr 09, 2019

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"Her life is cooler than mine."

"She's just prettier than me."

"She has more followers than I do."

"Her outfits are always so on point."

"When she poses she looks...


I quit my business for 72 hours - here's what happened.


 *note: this blog post is not yet edited by our copywriting team. 

Yo girl! Did you have an awesome weekend and break from your biz? I know I did! If you already read my instagram post, you know I just got back from a full three day tech detox. It was magical.

A tech detox is basically...


How to Align With your next level of business

mindset mastery Mar 21, 2019

I’m showing up in my next level. Have you noticed ?

At every level, I always ask: what are my rules?

In other words, “what do I need to believe to get to the next level?” Here are mine right now:


-I have intuitive abilities that are my innate gifts which I built a...

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