Why Your Current Reality Isn't Your Future

mindset mastery Oct 28, 2019

Have you ever had a desire to do something that was so big and so beautiful but felt so impossible to achieve based on your current reality of life?
Have you ever wanted something for your future but then instantly thought about your current reality and thought to yourself,...

Staying Fit in Life and Business

This week Lauren sits down to talk with Stephanie Schultz founder of the Courageously Confident online community!

In this juicy episode, we talk all things staying fit mentally, physically and in your business. Stephanie helps women level the F*CK up in life through fitness, mindset, and...


Going Sober and Coming Off Of All Anti-Depressants to Awaken to my Power

Hey gorgeous! 

I felt called to jump into the blog and share a recent story of my life.

After all, I love being real. and raw with you all and If my stories can help and empower and help one person, then they are worth sharing.

Have you ever struggled with an addiction? 

Maybe it was a...


The Secret to Creating a New Reality

mindset mastery Oct 16, 2019

Hey It's Lauren

Pretty soon we are going to be releasing our epic new Success Guide to our email list. If you saw me on instagram you know what I'm talking about.

The new release of this product (which teaches you all of the magical lifestyle secrets to success) is so near and dear to my heart...


The Personal Development Books I Read This Year That Are Blowing My Mind.

mindset mastery Oct 16, 2019

Guys.. I'm not going to lie I am a big reader. I read.. like.. a lot.

A while ago I had this deep desire to keep track of all the books I am reading this year (I want to see just how many I can read in a 12 month span.) I've been posting them on my instagram in the reading highlight so I can...


My Three Favorite Oracle Decks and How I Use Them

spirituality tips Oct 10, 2019
I remember the first time I learned what an Oracle Deck was. I was talking to this woman who sold essential oils and she told me that every morning she bathed herself in Vetiver oil, put on some spiritual music and then played with her Oracle Deck.
Played with her Oracle deck? Um.... I'm...

Emotional Eating and Entreprenuership with Amber Romaniuk



BBP136: Emotional Eating and Entrepreneurship with Amber  

In this episode, Lauren Eliz and Cora-Lynn Hazelwood sit down for a chat with Amber Romaniuk - emotional eating and digestive hormone expert.

We talk all things gut health, how your eating habits can affect your...


How Force Creates Failure: What we learned when we operated out of alignment in our biz.

mindset mastery Oct 02, 2019

This is really hard for me to share... (Deep breaths Lauren...) Here we go:

I spent 6 months trying to force something in my business that didn’t work and was totally out of alignment: sharing the face of my brand with someone else.

Back in March, I brought Cora-Lynn on to “share the...