EP 243: My 14 Day Waterfast to Heal Binge Eating

lauren of love podcast Nov 03, 2021

It is so important to cleanse and get rid of things that are holding us back before we step into a new year. 



Over the past month, I have been deep in a prayer of letting go of so much. Specifically, letting go of things that do not serve me in my relationship with my body. I...


EP 242: Things I Learned Taking Two Years Off My Desire to Make Money

lauren of love podcast Oct 28, 2021

*This episode is in honor of a special deal we have running for the Soul Portal Membership. Be a part of the first 22 to join and get 20% off using the code MEMBERSHIP20! There's also another fun surprise you can check out on my Instagram @laurenoflove!*


I took two years off from my...


EP241: Healing Your Voice and Speaking Your Truth With Lydia McClain

lauren of love podcast Oct 27, 2021

Today we are exploring the concept of speaking our needs and rewiring and awakening the throat chakra. 



I met Lydia about 2 years ago, I felt called to invite a breathwork facilitator into my space, and somehow there she was on my Instagram. We have been connecting, and...


EP 240: Healing Your Relationship With Success

lauren of love podcast Oct 20, 2021

*Today's topic is in honor of a beautiful sale we have going on for the Sacred Success Master Class Series, an 8 part series on how to recondition the subconscious mind to be super calibrated for success!

Now through Friday you can enroll in this master class at 50% off!! Use the code in the...


EP 238: Dark Night of the Soul

lauren of love podcast Sep 14, 2021

  Dark night of the soul is a part of a process coined by Jospeh Campbell called “the Hero’s Journey”. It is the traveling and navigations of the life of the “hero” archetype who is claiming their life and freedom. It is a circular process, an evolution that...


EP 235: How to Heal Addiction

lauren of love podcast Aug 24, 2021


DISCLAIMER: This is what worked for me. You are finding your own way. Take what works for you and leave the rest.


  For anyone who has struggled with addiction, impulsive behaviors, or unhealthy coping mechanisms, I think this episode will be great for you. I’m so happy...


EP 234: God, Healing the Body, and Covid Trauma: A Channeled Conversation

lauren of love podcast Aug 19, 2021
Ashuan grew up in a Christian dynamic environment. God was a masculine being outside of herself. In this season of her life, she is suffering with her body, the things she's moving through are so difficult and challenging for her being and her nervous system that she cant speak so she has...

EP 233: Healing Boundaries & Triggers with Family

lauren of love podcast Aug 17, 2021

I have been triggered by my family my entire life. 

  Triggers were a big thing for me for a really long time. To me, triggers are anything that throw you off of your highest vibration (ex. Sudden frustration, anger, etc.). these are the result of triggered experiences that offset your...


EP 232: Medicine Study, and Female Empowerment On Your Healing Path With Marilu Shinn

lauren of love podcast Aug 11, 2021


  In this week's episode of the podcast I interviewed Marilu Shinn, a medicine woman and shamanic practitioner. We talked about her journey with plant medicine and her connection to her ancestral line. We also talked a lot about the importance of honoring and practicing with plant...


EP 231: Energetic sovereignty, boundaries, and triggers from others

lauren of love podcast Jul 20, 2021

  Today, I want to have a conversation about energetic sovereignty; what it means, how to set more deeply into it, and why it is so important. 

  Many of us are trying to become the best version of ourselves, to create the life and person our souls desire, and with that,...

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